Cherry’s Tender And Flavorful Braised Beef Sets the Bar High!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Homemade Mommy.

My husband and I attended a dinner a couple of nights ago with friends. It was hosted by Cherry and her husband; the two people who love throwing dinners and parties here and there. They just got married last year and they are still enjoying the couple life. I heard they’re planning to have children next year so they’re making sure they’re enjoying life with friends while they’re still free from the difficult but fulfilling responsibilities of a parent. Cherry loved to serve food buffet style. She said in that way, people will truly get to eat what they wanted to eat.

During the party, while my husband was talking to some of her buddies, I was with Cherry and the girls in the kitchen. We were helping her a bit with the empty serving dishes. That’s when I noticed the meat resting at one of the serving trays. She told us it was veal. Since I haven’t tried veal before, I snatched a small piece and popped it into my mouth. I was so surprised by the taste! Veal was so flavorful and the meat was so moist and juicy and just so perfect! I had to ask her for the recipe to that and I am posting a copy of this on the next page. Enjoy all this veal-y goodness! 



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